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What is dealer revenue?

The dealer revenue, also known as the poker rake is a kind of fee, which the dealers take as scaled commission. This revenue mostly consists of the 5% to 10% of the pot of every hand of the poker and is limited to a certain amount. This rate of the revenue varies depending on the poker room. There are certain poker rooms, who don’t take any rake.

 The poker players in order to be successful need to take a cut at the house as well as beat the other players and take a cut of the rake. Once a player is able to do all these things, he/she will be able to make the most out of the poker game.

In case of poker rooms on the Internet, the poker rake mostly consists of the costs such as the customer support, software, loyalty programs, bonuses, rewards and the personnel of the poker. This was all about the dealer revenue; you need to be familiar with this dealer revenue to make the most out of your poker game.


Online Live Blackjack

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Blackjack is a game which is also called as ‘21’.  It is one of the most popular casino games in the world. The game is played between a player and a dealer which means that the players have to compete with the dealer but cannot compete against other players. BlackJack can be played with one or more deck of cards. The player has to beat the dealer which can be done in many ways. There are three basic rules.  First is to get 21 points on the first two cards which is called as the blackjack, with no dealer blackjack.  Second is to reach to the final score which must be higher than the dealer but must not go above 21. The third one is to allow the dealer to draw additional cards until his hand has more than 21 cards.

The game can also be played online or in a casino. The player before receiving a card must place a bet.  The cards have to be dealt in rotation from left to right. The hand of the dealer has one card face up and one card face down. When the total cards of the player are close to 21 than the dealer’s the player wins. The player can also win the game when the dealer’s score is made up of three or more cards. 

online live blackjack

Advantages of live blackjack

Players mostly prefer to play the online version of the Blackjack which depends on algorithms and random card generators which helps to produce a result.  Many players also play online due to the computer speed and the convenience of playing it at home on your personal computer.  In recent times the popularity of live online Blackjack has increased.  Live Blackjack is the same as the casino Blackjack and the only difference it is it played through internet with the help of real time web cams.  Here there are real dealers and real players on a real table. 

Here the players have to sit in front of the computers instead of sitting in front of a table. The action can be watched through a live webcam with the help of live streaming.  The online blackjack can be called as 100% realistic  and here time, money and travel expenses is saved. The players have the independence of interacting with the dealers. The real dealer can be watched while shuffling the deck and also watch the hand movements which will be similar to that of the dealer at the casino. 

Different live Blackjacks

There are various kinds of blackjack games on the internet and the internet also provides various kinds of the table game to make it even more interesting.  But broadly speaking there are two types of blackjack games which are available online.

1.Single Draw blackjack:  In this game a single hand is the dealer and there are many players who can play one deal. The deal is flexible enough to be changed so that all players can be involved. For instance the players can also stand and watch the additional cards which are being dealt. 

2.The seven seat blackjack:  Here the table has 7 seats and the game is played by selecting a seat which is available. The player joins the other players on the tablet. The players play according to turns and are similar to the traditional blackjack tables. 

There are also other kinds of blackback online but they all pay 3:2 for Blackjack. In more aspects, the rules also differ.  In most of the games the rules are near about the same, especially when the Aces have to be split or doubled to make sets.


Blackjack at Online Casinos: Playing the Game and Finding the Best Site

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Blackjack is a popular game for gamblers. Those who can count cards, usually do it in their head despite it being illegal in many countries around the world or against casino rules. It is now available on the internet, which makes it possible to play your fun game from home and for real—sometimes big—money.

The trick is to finding the site that works best for your needs. There are so many different options, especially when you consider the different types of games.

Blackjack: A Brief Overview

Blackjack is known as 21 in various states and countries. The aim is to make 21 from a series of five cards—although you want to get it in one with an ace and picture card if possible. The ace can either be one or eleven, depending on what your other cards equal. It is very simple that there are no other players that you’re competing against. While they may sit at the table, you want to beat the dealer and that is all. This helps to put the odds better in your favour.

There are a few ways of winning. The first is getting 21 without having to draw any other cards. The dealer will need to not have Blackjack at this point. The second is to get closer to 21 (but not higher) than the dealer. The third is for the dealer to go “bust”, where he has more than 21 in his hand. Dealers must continue to take cards until they have at least 17.

The Rules of Blackjack

Now you know how to win, it’s time to look into the rules. In traditional casinos, between one and eight packs of a standard 52-deck of cards are used. This is generally the same with online Blackjack, but you will need to find out through the software. The company will usually have it listed somewhere.

Each player betting is dealt two cards to begin with. If Blackjack is gained, the player indicates that by turning one of the cards over. It tells the dealer that he needs Blackjack or loses the game automatically. If the two cards are the same, the player gets to split his hand. This gives him two chances of beating the dealer.

The player decides to “stick” or “twist”. Sticking means that he is happy with the hand and it is as close to 21 as he dare go. Twisting means he wants another card to get closer to the final amount. He can also decide to withdraw the from the game. If the player goes “bust”, all the betting on that hand is forfeited. 

Playing Blackjack in an Online Casino

Types of Online Blackjack

The game really only has one variation, but different online casinos can add their own twists. These are usually in the sense of different betting structures or setting different themes to their cards. It is important to get used to any online casino before betting big money on any game there. This allows you to feel secure that the casinos operate under the fair play regulations and the whole systems are secure.

Another difference is usually the online bonuses available. Each website has its own control over the type of financial rewards and bonuses offered. You can usually find out about these through reviews across the web and checking out the websites for yourself.


Online vs. Offline Blackjack

So, which is best for your needs? Should you try a game of online Blackjack or stick to a game in a regular casino? There are pros and cons to both of your options.

The online casinos allow you to play at home. If you’re not very good at a poker face, you can sit behind a computer screen and not worry about giving away the type of hand you have. While this isn’t as important for Blackjack, it can force the dealer to go bust.

It is also possible to play at a time that suits you. The websites are available 24/7, so you’re not waiting for casinos to open. You can play at work on your mobile while on a break or you can check out the sites at 3am when you’re struggling to sleep.

Offline casinos offer the benefit of fewer limitations. You simply follow the rules of the casino and will be able to collect your winnings whenever you feel like it. While there are fewer bonuses available, you’re not forced to make deposits to collect on any winnings from them.

In the end, it really depends on you but online Blackjack offers a variety of benefits. It is a game that anyone can learn and pick up quickly, and you really can win big when you put your mind to it.


Online Blackjack: Playing the game for Money

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The traditional blackjack (21) is known to be the most well-liked casino game in the whole world. You play against the dealer and not other players.

What makes online blackjack different?

It is also the most common and trendy online casino game along with poker. The rules are just as simple. It is generally played with an indefinite number of card deck. The rules in online 21 are modified. Cards are numbered from two to 10 based on face value. Each face card has 10 points. A 10 point card and an Ace mean blackjack! Players need to get higher cards than the card dealer. However, it should not be more than 21.The bet is declared a bust if the dealer and players exceed 21. The busted card loses if either the dealer or the player goes beyond 21.

Playing Online Blackjack for Money

Online Blackjack rules state that the player with a higher card (even if it is not 21) provided he or she is not busted takes the bet or even money. The payout ratio is 3 to 2.

Some people are fascinated by the online version although others still prefer the conventional style. So, take your pick!

You can play free online or choose to play online Blackjack for real money.

Well, playing blackjack allows a player to scrutinize various games without having to place a wager or risk losing money. A particular site like Wild Jack has over 40 online games!

You have a choice of Classic, European or Vegas Strip Blackjack. The more interesting games are Pontoon or Spanish Blackjack. Try each one for free so you can be familiar with the different rules and strategies. Do these before playing for real money.

How do you get more chances of winning?

Aim for the magic number which is 21. If the odds are 3-to-2, bet $10 and win $15. If its 1-to-1, bet $10 and you also win $10. Double-down options are also available. Get one card and stand. Your $10 wins $20. Unfortunately, you can also lose $20 so be very careful before you double-down!

Playtech Casinos gives players the chance to mix it up with live card dealers much like Vegas and Atlanta. In fact, this is the only casino software that ensures animating graphics via automated blackjack tables. On the other hand, Cryptologic boasts of the best software on the Web. Its only drawback is that it does not have any live dealers. Cryptologic’s tables are fitted with composed dealer voices. The options can be easily navigated while layouts are very smart. Software takes longer to download which is true for other gambling software but most people believe it is worth the trouble. The site gives you a $100 bonus as soon as you give an initial deposit of $100.

The rules in ordinary and online blackjack are basically the same. However, the rate of play in the web version is certainly higher compared to offline blackjack. The pace is fast in online gaming. Hence, exercise caution in playing online blackjack. Luck may not always be on your side.


How to play games at online casinos Smart

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Playing games at online casinos is fun and also offers monetary awards and benefits. If you don’t play safe then you not only harm your virtual world, it may also spill you in the real environment. As a responsible gambler, it is your duty to focus on safe online casinos activities. Here we will discuss how a responsible gambler can manage his time and money smartly.

If you play live casinos games safely, it does not impose any stress on your professional, social and personal attitude. But as you enter in the online casinos world, you need some professional help to prevent future disastrous results. Being a responsible player, it becomes necessary to keep a check over gambling activities. You have to learn healthy gambling attitude and habits to play online casino games smartly.

Playing games at online casinos is not just limited to earning money only. It is a type of fun, entertainment and business. Most of the casino games are designed to maximize house advantage would explain you that every single casino game you play is purely luck based. If you are lucky, you will earn profit otherwise you may lose your previously earned money too. It is not sure that every single penny you spend to play at online casinos will give you money back guarantee. It would be great to play games at online casinos for fun and entertainment only, not for the money. Some people consider the gambling as regular income source. That is absolutely wrong.

You should focus to learn on healthy gambling attitude to avoid future problems. Every time when you decide to play games at online casinos, keep your mindset that you will play with limited money amount that you can afford easily. This is the basic principle to start with a online casino game. It would be a risk to use the money that you have intended for other financial responsibilities. Fix a gambling fund to play games at online casinos in advance. If you are not able to earn any profit with the fixed amount then stop playing but don’t touch the amount that you have stored for other family responsibilities.

It is an intelligent idea to keep a track on your performance. In few cases, people just focus on winning amount and they forget that they also lose the same day. If you have earned $50 as profit and the same day you lose $100 then you have o pay $50 from your pocket. In this case, winning amount is no more valuable for you. In this situation, it is strongly recommended to use a different bank for gambling activities. With a different account it becomes easy to check either your amount is growing or depleting.

Also remember that credit card providers offer only a limited amount for gambling activities. If you exceed the limit then it will stop working automatically. It is also necessary to fix only small time to play games at online casinos. The people who play unlimited without managing their time and money, they have to pay more than invested amount.




What Are the Origins of Blackjack?

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It is a bit difficult to speak about the origins of Blackjack with any measure of certainty. Every one you talk to, will most likely have a different story to tell you about what they think the source or origin of this game is, and we are talking about the pre live betting era. One story suggests that Blackjack has its origins in the French casinos from as way back as the 1700s. In the US, the game has been played in casinos since the 1800s. There was a time when gambling was legal in the US (1850s-1910s), but this changed when Nevada passed a law making gambling illegal, until 1931 when it became legal again.

When playing Blackjack the goal of any player is to reach a total of 21 or as near to it as possible. However, the player needs to ensure that he doesn’t go beyond this total. Each number card in your hand is worth its face value. All the face cards such as Jack, Queen and Spade are worth 10. The Ace card has two values; either 1 or 11. Therefore, every time you have any of these cards, your task is to calculate the total before making your next move. The player whose total is 21, or the nearest to this figure is the winner as long as it doesn’t go beyond this.


Blackjack has never lost its place as the most played table game at casinos all over the world. It remains one of the easiest games to play at online or offline casinos. Even though it is a game of chances and luck, one can develop a strategy which limits his losses while increasing the chances of winning. These days, thanks to technology, people can play Blackjack at online casinos either for free or after paying a fee. Playing free Blackjack is a good option if you are uncertain on whether you have mastered the skills required to play competitively with others for money. 


Practice Mode vs. Real Money Mode: Play It Safe Or Take The Plunge?

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Play online casino games at online casinos Just the way you want them whenever you want them. Enjoy the easy, slow pace of Practice Mode or turn up the heat with Real Money Mode.

How to Choose Your Preferred Online Casino Game Mode

The world of online casinos differs from the live, in person casinos in several ways. One of the most prominent variations is the availability to play in either Practice Mode or Real Money Mode. Both options have their advantages and can be enjoyed by gamers of all levels, ages and personalities. Here is a look at what you can get from both versions to help decide which one is right for you. The best part of playing at online casinos is that you can choose either one based on whatever you feel like at the moment. Take a look and enjoy playing online casino games at your own pace.

Practice Mode:

Practice Mode is named so because you are not putting down any money on these games. This option gives players the ability to test their skills, try out the entire gamut of gaming choices, and increase their knowledge and prowess at a specific game before they enter the ring for some real money. Practice Mode is particularly attractive for new gamers, though even seasoned players will take advantage of this option from time to time. People looking for a stress-free way to have fun and play some of their favorite casino or card games will really enjoy this feature.

Real Money Mode:

Once you have honed your skills, beefed up your strategies, and basically had your fill with the Practice Mode, it's time to jump into the Real Money Mode at online casino places. In contrast to the light version, Real Money Mode puts players right in the middle of the real action. With actual money on the line, games are more charged, more challenging and overall, more exciting than the lighter-paced alternative. Don't be intimidated, though, because the payouts are real too. A mounting jackpot keeps these games increasingly more thrilling and always interesting to play.


Bet on almost any sports event you can think of live..

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The online sports betting industry has grown in an incredible past in the last decade. This is off course was due to the internet accessibility worldwide, and the growth of other great online casino games such as poker roulette and much, much more. Betting on sports online is common as every other action we do in the net, including surfing on you tube or facebook, it's just a part of our lives. In some countries tough, betting on sports or rather betting at all online is prohibited, however in other countries, the betting world is booming.

In England for instance there is a great tradition of sports and many of the brits are occupied daily by their beloved soccer team situation, or the next horse racing derby near by,.And to almost any event you can think of, surly enough you will fined an online site to place you wager on. You can fine the best odds online for 2013 Cheltenham Festival betting in many of the sites, as horse racing is very popular in the U.K, as well as betting odds for the next English premier league match, and near it a tennis odds for the Wimbledon tourney.

A paradise for sports buffs, and odds lovers, all you need to do now, is make sure you place your money in a safe honest site that will not bail on you when time comes to pay dues..It's easy to carry ways with your sports Bets with such a huge variety of sports sites offer betting online. I would recommend to try and paste the amount of dollars you place on each bets. Odds are also extremely important, sure it's about luck first and foremost, but one can gain significant edge if he'll read the line, study his bet before jump right into it. It can be very helpful and will save you from now and there from losing cash you shouldn't lose.. so bet, but do it wisely, and enjoy the games above all.


Become a Poker Narrator

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The way to becoming a successful poker narrator, and thus a successful player with the likes of Betfair Download Casino, is by developing the ability to tell a convincing story. In any poker hand you play there needs to a logical line of action that takes place whether you’re trying the bluff or the value bet.

Each story begins pre-flop, which means that your intentions should be firmly fixed in your head before any money is put into the pot. For example, if you’re looking to bluff an opponent it’s no good simply calling their raise. Indeed, in order to pull off a successful bluff you need to display a facade of strength and confidence and (often) this can only be achieved by raising. Thus, if you deem your opponent to be loose and susceptible to bluffs, you must either raise if they have position or re-raise if you have position on them and they enter the pot.

Once you’ve laid the backbone of your story with your pre-flop actions, you need to continue it in a linear way. By this we mean that if you’re trying to bluff someone and have displayed strength pre-flop by raising, then you need to continue in the same vein post-flop. This means continuing to bet on the flop, turn and river until you get your opponent to fold.


Poker's History - How It Came To Be

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It is very difficult to trace down the origins of the playing cards and poker. This is mainly because; there are thousands of theories that credit the invention of poker. Some of these include the Chinese theory that boast the Tarot cards for fortune telling, then there are the French settlers who boast of inventing a game of cards known as poque, which also involved betting and bluffing.

The reality is the poker has its history in the nineteenth century when con men plied their riverboats and adapted the game to poke or cash and then it was after this that the game of poker was invented in the year 1834.

It was in the 1800s itself that the game spread to the west and came to be known as the ‘wild west’ period of American history, which was booming period for poker with every saloon in the US having a poker table.

The year 1970 was considered to be the best for poker, when Las Vegas Casino Owner Benny Binion kept a poker tournament for all the best poker players in the world and this is when World Series of Poker took place. Today, Texas Holdem Poker, variation of poker has gained huge popularity among people all around the world. 


FAQ - Dealer Revenue Explained

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If you are wondering what dealer revenue in poker is, then the following FAQ will help you to gain all the information about Dealer revenue in Poker.

What is dealer revenue?
The dealer revenue is the revenue, which a poker room collects from the players to run the poker room. It is also known as a dealer rake.

What are the benefits of the dealer revenue?
The dealer revenue provides a lot of benefits to the poker room. It provides the poker room with the necessary money, which they use to pay for their expenses and even personnel.

How is the dealer revenue in a poker room?
The dealer revenue varies from casino to casino but mostly consists of the 5%-10% of the pot for every hand of the players up to a certain amount.

How is the revenue collected?
The way through which the poker room collects the dealer revenue varies from casino to casino. In a brick-and-mortar casino, it is mostly collected by dropping the chips in the box once a hand is completed whereas on online casinos, it is collected with the help of software.

The Dealers Way

Majority of people who love to play the game of poker are always looking for ways, which will help them to make the most out of the poker games. The Internet has provided these people an opportunity to make the most out of their gambling career by making it big in some of the highly popular games such as poker.

The main benefit of playing poker online, or slots for that matter, is that there are various web sites like online bingo, which provide magnificent starting bonuses to new players. This in turn helps the players to get started with the game.

The other benefit of playing poker online is that the sites provide many useful resources to the first timers or the new people who wish to make it big in the online poker industry. This tips and resources provided by the sites help the people a lot in framing strategies for the game of poker.

The other benefit of playing poker online is that people can also get access to some of the best promotions and bonuses offered by the various sites offering poker games. These were some of the basic facts about playing poker on the Internet.